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Luminor Capital Malaysia’s factoring solution enables businesses to monetise their receivables and receive cash upfront (versus a typical collection period of three months), allowing them to maintain a smaller ongoing cash balance while having more liquidity available to be deployed for investment in the business’s growth. Our factoring solution is Syariah-compliant and provided through our subsidiary company El Nuwr Capital Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as SA Puncak Management Sdn. Bhd.) under a different branding. Find out more by visiting


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Why Choose us

Diverse Financial Portfolio

Offering a wide array of financial products and services, from corporate advisory to supply chain financing and factoring.

Customized Expert Advice

With a client-centric approach, experienced advisors work closely with clients to provide personalized financial guidance.

Global Insights, Local Care

Comprehensive understanding of financial markets, regulations, risk management,t and investment strategies

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