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We offer a variety of financial solutions, namely: Trade Financing, Factoring, Secured Lending, Consumer Financing and Merchant Financing.

trade financING

Corporates consistently need to manage working capital against their cash conversion cycle. Luminor Capital Malaysia offers trade finance solutions through accounts receivable purchase with credit protection. This allows clients to free up valuable cash stuck in the supply chain by offering clients a line of credit while mitigating buyer credit risks. 


A healthy cashflow is critical to sustainability and growth of every business. Luminor Capital Malaysia's factoring solution lets businesses monetise its receivables and receive cash upfront (versus a typical collection period of three months), allowing them to maintain a smaller ongoing cash balance and leave more liquidity available for investment in the business' growth.

Our factoring solution is Syariah-compliant provided through our subsidiary company, El Nuwr Capital Sdn Bhd, under a different branding. Please find out more from its official website by clicking the following link:


Through Luminor Credit Sdn Bhd, an entity licensed under the Moneylenders Act 1951, Luminor Capital Malaysia provides secured financing solutions.


Luminor Capital Malaysia works with collaborative partners and corporates with captive members to provide personal financing for their members and employees respectively. Repayments are made through salary deductions from the employees' wages on a monthly basis.


Small and medium-sized merchants often face challenges in searching for ways to financing their business growth. Luminor Capital Malaysia provides innovative financing solutions to merchants which are not available through traditional methods. Financing is available to eligible merchants with a storefront (physical or virtual) and credit card processing system to facilitate repayment.

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